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Commercial Real Estate Development

Headquartered in Franklin, TN, and Sunrise, FL

Benefits of Partnering with our Commercial Development Team

There is a host of benefits associated with engaging our team for your commercial development projects, including:

  1. Expertise and Experience: With an extensive portfolio of successful projects, we possess the required know-how to deliver your project to your specifications.
  2. Customized Strategy: We take the time to understand your business’s specific needs and tailor a plan to meet those for each project.
  3. Streamlined Processes: We provide a one-stop-shop solution, managing everything from land acquisition to construction, making the process smoother and more efficient.
  4. Risk Management: We can foresee and mitigate potential risks, thanks to their experience in dealing with various scenarios.
  5. Budget Adherence: With skills in financial planning and negotiation, we minimize cost overrun risks and help stick to the agreed budget.
  6. Long-Term Relationship: Handling multiple projects over time, we get to understand your business better, bringing strategic value to the table.
  7. Business Growth: TriOut Advisory Group has years of experience Developing build-to-suit (BTS) properties means working to fully meet the operational and corporate needs of the client. From site selection to completion of turnkey and complex projects, build-to-suit development is an exciting process. Clients include Tesla, Chase Bank, Publix’s

By choosing our team as the preferred developer, you are choosing an ally who doesn’t just execute a construction project but brings value to your real estate investment journey.

Long-term Investments that Create a Lasting Impact

TriOut Advisory Group manages projects across various geographic locations, offering full-scale services from the inception to the completion of each project.

CarothersCommons - property overview

Bookers Corner Highly Anticipated Commercial Development in Franklin, TN

Bookers Corner - 2018 Original Project Proposal

Original 2018 Proposal Plan

Bookers Corner, the highly anticipated commercial development on Franklin’s bustling West Main and Downs Boulevard intersection, is rapidly taking shape thanks to the dedicated efforts of TriOut Advisory Group.

Franklin’s planning commissioners and Aldermen first considered this project in 2018 when proposed by Boston English, LLC, Design Studio, Crunk Engineering, and 906 Architects. TriOut has now secured permits and begun construction, with an expected opening in late 2024. The 11,000 sq. ft. development (roughly the size of a local grocery store) will revitalize this corner.

Currently, this commercial project is bordered by the historic Limestone Missionary Baptist Church and tranquil green spaces. Bookers Corner promises to bring vibrant new businesses, creating jobs and injecting fresh energy into the neighborhood.

Bookers Corner - commercial construciton
Bookers Corner - commercial construciton

The Human Faces behind our Commercial Developer Team

Mike Outlaw

Mike Outlaw

Principal, TriOut Advisory Group

Step into the realm of commercial real estate excellence with TriOut Advisory Group.

Meet Mike Outlaw, a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in development, asset management, structured debt origination, valuation, and top-tier advisory services.

Mike’s distinct perspective isn’t just shaped by his real estate wisdom; it’s also enriched by over 20 years of hands-on experience in restaurant operations. This unique blend allows him to infuse each development project with a special touch, seamlessly incorporating the viewpoint of an end user.

Over the past 5 years, Mike has successfully underwritten over $350 million in acquisition and development projects, a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Currently holding investment and management positions in over 2 million square feet of commercial properties across the southeastern US and beyond, Mike is a formidable presence in the industry.

Before leaving his mark in real estate, Mike honed his leadership skills in executive positions at Hard Rock Cafe, Dave and Busters, and Compass Group PLC. His experience in large corporate environments equipped him to lead successful teams, developing systems and processes that resulted in record-setting sales and profitability.

Mike Outlaw’s professional journey goes beyond statistics and real estate holdings; his unwavering commitment to excellence makes each project more than a transaction—it becomes a vibrant expression of deeply held values. Experience real estate ventures with a touch of commitment and synergy that goes beyond the ordinary.

Outside the realm of real estate, Mike extends his impact to the community, actively contributing as a board member of multiple non-profit organizations.

Join Mike and TriOut Advisory Group on a journey as he continues to shape the landscape of commercial real estate, blending professionalism with a commitment to making a positive difference. Explore the TriOut Advisory Group difference, where expertise meets a passion for community contribution.

Jim Cross

Jim Cross

Development Lead

Jim has more than 40 years of experience in real estate, project design, and construction. His portfolio of expertise includes multiple medical, education, general commercial, and residential developments. Jim prides himself on his longstanding reputation of integrity and exceptional client experiences. He is an active pillar of the Franklin, Tennessee community and currently sits on the boards of Williamson Medical Center and First Bank. He attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Glen Grossman

Glen Grossman

Chief Financial Officer, TriOut Advisory Group

Meet Glenn Grossman, notable in the realm of real estate finance, he is celebrated for his keen oversight of land development and construction projects. With a storied career, Glenn has steered major ventures, including the prestigious $300 million Mandarin Oriental Hotel & Condominium, office buildings, and an array of retail properties.

In his extensive journey, Glenn has demonstrated unparalleled financial knowledge, navigating diverse terrains within the commercial and residential sectors. His expertise encompasses a comprehensive land development portfolio, spanning from individual parcels to master-planned communities, showcasing a distinctive ability to harmonize intricate financial structures with visionary development goals.

Throughout the years, Glenn has ensured the success of multifaceted projects with meticulous attention to detail. His legacy goes beyond transactions, delving into the art of fostering vibrant communities through strategic financial oversight.

Glenn Grossman embodies the fusion of financial precision and real estate ingenuity. His dedication to excellence is easily seen in the successful orchestration of projects that not only redefine landscapes but also enrich the fabric of communities.

Embark on a journey with Glenn as he continues to shape the financial landscape of real estate, illustrating that behind every triumph is a visionary financial mind. Explore the transformative impact of Glenn’s financial expertise with TriOut Advisory Group, where precision meets ingenuity in real estate endeavors.

Danell D'Alfonso

Design / Construction

Ms. D'Alfonso's involvement in restaurant management included significant input into the design and construction of operations ranging from university F&B outlets to full-service seafood restaurants.

Spencer Grossman

Leasing Director

Mr. Grossman's involvement from creating business plans and budgets to executing redevelopment plans for acquired/owned assets exemplifies his abilities in commercial Real Estate.

Client Commercial Development Projects